Going Bananas for Safety™ with Banana Cones

Safety signs and cones have become so common that people hardly even notice them anymore. Within the past week, you’ve probably walked past more than 50 yet didn’t pay attention to any of them. They’re in your peripheral and yet you take no action. This isn’t your fault, it’s simply science. There have been thousands of research papers on the design, placement, and effectiveness of warning signs and to summarize them all…if you didn’t notice and react/respond to the warning, then it didn’t work.

Why the banana for a wet floor sign? Let’s put the question back on you…what do you think of when you see a banana peel on the ground? If you’re having trouble answering this question then ask a kid. Voted the most innovative cleaning product in the world (2013), the Banana Cone will stand out from the bunch and will certainly deliver the “don’t slip” warning message more effectively.

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