About Banana Products and History of the Banana Peel Slip

Banana Products Founders

The Banana Cone™ was originally inspired by the popular Nintendo 64 game Mario Kart and has become an industry favorite. The internationally patented and trademarked design has won multiple awards (ISSA Innovation Award and Sanitary Maintenance Distributors Choice Award x2) and is recommended by safety experts for fall prevention. It catches your eye and the warning message is inherent in the shape of the cone.  Specifically focusing on floor safety, Banana Products promotes health, safety, and humor.

The iconic banana peel slip dates back to the early 1800’s and was used in the world’s first comedy film made by Charlie Chaplin. During this time, public sanitation wasn’t a priority due to minimal state regulation. This resulted in an abundance of trash on the streets specifically in New York City. It didn’t take long for the bananas to rot which turned the sidewalks into slime-covered booby traps. Now a popular comedy gag, the banana peel slip is recognized by both children and adults worldwide.

Our solution for slip & fall prevention is not only fun and unique but proven to be more effective. A 2015 perception study evaluating the effectiveness of caution signs and cones demonstrated that the Banana Cone is up to 22x more noticeable than traditional safety signs. The unique design draws more attention and people often associate banana peels with being slippery.

The Banana Cone unit has 2 parts, the cone (banana) and the top (stem). Both are typically sold together. They stack with or without the tops and are available in 1ft, 2FT or 3FT sizes. So Stand out from the Bunch™ and Go Bananas for Safety™ with Banana Cones™!