About Banana Products and History of the Banana Peel Slip

What was originally inspired by the popular Nintendo 64 game Mario Kart, Patrick and Kevin Brogan founded Banana Products. The Banana Cone is patented and trademarked in over 60 countries which protects our global distribution network. Banana Products now supplies a full line of products recommended by safety experts for fall prevention. With stackable cones, foldable signs, and collapsibale A-Frames, our solution for slip & fall prevention is not only fun and unique, but proven to be more effective. Specifically focusing on floor safety, i.e reducing slip-and-fall accidents, we mixed Bananas with Safety to make Banana Products. Businesses will reduce the slip-and-fall accidents by promoting our safety products.

Why the banana? Well…The iconic banana peel slip dates back to the early 1800’s and was used in the worlds first comedy films beginning with Charlie Chaplin. It originally gained popularity due to lack of sanitation and little state regulation. This resulted in an abundance in trash on the streets. It didn’t take long for the bananas to rot, turning the sidewalks into slime-covered booby traps. Now a popular comedy gag worldwide, the banana peel slip is recognized by both children and adults. From comedy gag to safety product, the banana peel slip is global. So stand out from the bunch and go bananas for safety with Banana Cones!

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